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How often have you turned to your friends to get a few beauty tips?  Many times, I guess. Everyone wants to look beautiful, not only in their own eyes, but in the eyes of all they meet. Below you'll find some helpful tips.

Beauty Tips
Free-Beauty-Tips - Free-Beauty-Tips.com offers tips about a variety of topics such as hair care, skin care, makeup, and many others.
Beauty-Tips.info - Beauty-Tips.info offers comprehensive and relevant information pertaining to a wide plethora of topics.
Free-Makeup-Tips - Free-Makeup-Tips.com delivers smart beauty information on makeup tips , skin care and cosmetics, hair care,
Beauty Tips Hub - Looking for Free Beauty Tips to help you enhance your Natural Looks through Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes?
Beauty & Makeup tips - The first thing you should know before caring the skin is to know which type of skin you have.
Eye Beauty Tips - Great eye beauty tips for today's modern woman who wants to look good and have the confidence
Hair Color Tips
A semi-permanent coloration means a service that will last up to 5/6 shampoos. It colors, reflects, hides and covers white hair up to 70%. It is applied only to the outer fiber of the hair, forming a coating all around.It usually does not alter the natural color, does not penetrate inside the capillary fibers, and does not lighten the hair. This process involves pigments that are already ready as well as developed pigments using a low level activator (peroxide ofbetween 5 and 10 volume) serving as an adhesive in order to obtain a coloration that will last, giving pleasant results,that are fashionable. Made expressly to satisfy the clientele who is interested in coloring, but does not want to get involved with a permanent coloration, or does not want to alter her natural color, but wishes to make a change.

For permanent coloration, it is a matter of the resistance of the color with time which covers 100% white hair, and reflects in various possibilities of colors, lightening, darkening, which then, permits us to act accordingly. Having established the above, we must take into consideration various factors before we proceed with its utilisation. First, diagnose and analyze adequately the type of hair we have to work with: 1) TYPE OF HAIR 2) NATURAL COLOR 3) ACTUAL COLOR (treated with other services) 4) DESIRED COLOR 5) OBJECTIVE COLOR what we suggest 6) VERIFICATION OF OBTAINING THE DESIRED COLOR.

In the first years of life, nobody has coloration problems of their own hair. Mother Nature provides us with colored hair in the most various ways, without a single white hair except for those unfortunate (ex.Albinos) The natural coloration of the hair is due in particular to the existing pigments inside the capillary fiber (precisely in the cortex) called melanin. Yet at a certain period (for some people, early in life, for others later on) hair starts to whiten. The cause is as follows: In the bulb of the hair there are particular cells called "melanocyte", that produce the melanin, which spreads eventually on the whole hair length. The "melanocyte" productivity is good when it acts on a particular enzyme called "tirosinase". When this last substance diminishes, the hair becomes white and then the question arises whether to color them again. First of all we must say that there is no diet nor vitamin capable of bringing back the natural color to the white hair. Scientists have declared that in some cases the use of certain substances such as paraminobenzoic acid, pantotenic acid, have helped in re-aquiring a certain coloration of the hair, but these are exceptional cases. So this means that whoever does not want white hair will have to use artificial coloration.

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